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Customized New Products Large Zorbing Ball /Water Zorb Ball For Pool BY-Ball-038

Customized New Products Large Zorbing Ball /Water Zorb Ball For Pool BY-Ball-038

dia 2.5m 、2.6m、2.8m、3m for option.Orthers can be customzied.
In the zorbing ball(LED for option),you don’t mind being strapped in and tumbled around.You are actually quite secure inside the inner capsule because all the actual rolling/bouncing is absorbed by the larger, air-cushioned outer capsule.We supply zorbing ball for playing on water or grass. This inflatable ball is very popular for kids and adults to have fun on holidays. It is suitable for both commercial use and home use. You can customized any inflatable zorb ball to start your own business.Zorb is a land based game where2 balls are tied one inside the other by ropes. The diameter of the inner ball is 6 feet while the diameter of the outer ball is 12 feet ( the dimension can be varied on customer specification ). In this sport 2 persons are buckled inside with a safety harness and rolled down a slope .Since it is an extreme sport , it is advisable to follow medical guidelines in case of recent surgery , pregnancy , etc. Care should also be taken to avoid this sport in case of intoxication and immediately after meal.Zorb Ball, Zorb Ball for Sale, Zorbing Ball, is an extreme sporting adventure, name Inflatable Zorb Ball as well, fairly fashionable and popular in modern entertainment for kids and adults by being rolled down slopes, ramps or walking and riding on grassplot, snowfield, beach, zorbing track, orbit and pool etc. It is a must to confirm zorb ballconditions fine before playing and to take care of the safety with harnesses well inside, or tying the handle outside on thezorb to something fixed with a rope. Then just walk, ride or run it, or stay rolling with the zorb ball, you will feel spinned around in so much fun!
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