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Drop stitch Fabric Inflatable Ocean Pool

Drop stitch Fabric Inflatable Ocean Pool

Protective Anti Jellyfish Pool With Netting Enclosure

Barry inflatable sea pools are a safe and comfortable way to enjoy swimming out in the ocean during your superyacht experience. The pools provide protection from jellyfish and sea critters with tightly woven netting, and provide an enclosed area to prevent charter guests from floating away in the current.

The inflatable anti jellyfish pool and attached underwater netting provides your very own enclosed personal portable training lap pool that can travel with you anywhere.

Now you can swim laps without waterborne garbage and debris, and not have to worry about Medusa or box jellyfish, sharks or crocodiles.

The portable netted swim Lap Pool is ideal for swim training at the beach, lake, river, and boat or at your home waterfront shoreline, dock or jetty.

It is easily handled by two people to carry, transport and assemble on sit
Wholesale Inflatable Floating Swimming Lake Pool / Anti Jelly Fish Sea Pool With Netting Enclosure For Yacht
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