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Inflatable 5K Obstacle Course Races

Inflatable 5K Obstacle Course Races

01 Start Line: 16.5m(L)x15m(W)x9m(H) 54x49x30 feet
02 Crash Course:36m(L)x8m(W)x8m(H) 118x26x26 feet
03 Sling Shot:30m(L)x8m(W)x7m(H)98x26x23 feet
04 Wave Runner:32m(L)x6.5m(W)x2m(H)105x21x6.6 feet
05 The Mad House:35m(L)x8.5m(W)x7.3m(H)115x28x24 feet
06 Jumping Around:26m(L)x9m(W)x4.6m(H)85x30x15 feet
07 Big Balls:18m(L)x9m(W)x4.6m(H)60x30x15 feet
08 The Humps:41m(L)x5.5m(W)x6m(H)135x18x20 feet
09 Mattress Run:17.5m(L)x7.4m(W)x0.5m(H)57x24x1.6 feet
10 Wrecking ball:34m(L)x9m(W)x6m(H)110x30x20 feet
11 Finish Line:33m(L)x9m(W)x7m(H)108x30x23 feet

Inflatable obstacle courses are given a warm welcome by the kids all over the world. If you run inflatable rental business, you can’t miss them. There are many kinds of inflatable obstacle courses out there in the market. Different themes with different usage. Most of them can be used to enhance kids’ brainpower safely like bounce obstacle courses. Obstacle courses castle certainly can arousing and holding the attention of kids, and kids will be learning when playing games.

There are also obstacle courses for adults. Some for training to team work, some for adventure to excitement, some for fairs and carnivals.

It is very popular in the world at the present means that the inflatable obstacle course has 5 kilometers.And it will be a hit anywhere.Usually,there are many elements in the 5k inflatable course,such as the ramp climb and slide,moling land,block slide,barring obstacle,spiral obstacle,balls jungle,big bump,s-lane obstacle,racing slide,big obstacle slide.

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