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Largest Inflatable Obstacle Course,Inflatable 5K Run Obstacles BY-5K-009

Largest Inflatable Obstacle Course,Inflatable 5K Run Obstacles BY-5K-009

The Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run is the first of its kind. We put a KRAZY amount of thought into making each inflatable obstacle unique, challenging, and most importantly, FUN!

Run, jump and slide your way through 11 custom inflatables. The course is 1 to 1.5 miles and NOT timed. The Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run is all about the FUN and there are no awards for the fastest runners. Kids will be separated by age groups as we start the race. We’ll have a water stop halfway through the course and a chance for our bouncers (and Parents) to take a breather. It’s all about the bouncy fun!

Silly Steps

Starting Line

Let the krazy, bouncy, happy fun begin. Silly Steps serves as our starting line – climb up the front and slide down the back. Then you’re off running and bouncing your way through the Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run!

Ball Crawl

Great ready to get down and bounce around…it’s the Ball Crawl, y’all! Dive, crawl, and dance your way through the biggest ball pit you have ever seen.

Big Bounce

Bouncey castles are for beginners. Get ready to catch some real air on Big Bounce, over 20 feet of krazy, happy, bouncy fun. Just because you’re little doesn’t mean you can’t bounce big!

Happy Hills

These hills are alive with the sounds of….FUN! Scale an 8 foot wall, throw your hands in the air, and SLIDE! Catch your breath and get ready to do it all over again.

Maze Daze

You may have thought your kids were done playing with blocks, but you haven’t seen life-size ones quite like these. Make your way through the geometric twists and turns of the Maze Daze!

Power Play

Find yourself crawling, limbo-ing, bobbing, and weaving through this challenging Power Play obstacle. Feel like a champion when you make it through this challenging but exhilarating step on the inflatable adventure, then you’re off to the next challenge!

Super Slide

It’s your playground slide, but supersized and bouncified! Climb your way up, don’t give up..don’t give up, WOOHOO and slide!

Surf City

Surf’s up! Slide your way through krazy fun inflatable waves and try to keep your balance. Radical, man!

Topsy Turvy

Pretend you are a super secret spy training for a mission as you roll, duck, and shimmy your way through this 16 foot long obstacle.

Tricky Truck

Don’t get trumped by the dump truck! Crawl your way up the steps, then bounce and slide your way down the truck bed and on to your next adventure.

Wacky Wave

Finish Line

It’s a whirlpool of fun on this wacky wave. Left, right, up, down, under…you won’t know which way is up on this squiggly inflatable!

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